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Amplifier Module

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Single-Ended Darlington Transistor Amplifier





Amplifier Schematic                                                                      Amplifier Board Layout




singleAmplifier.eps  - Laser cutter file for an Amplifier circuit-board for use with Exertion Instruments.


Amplifier Modules Parts List


Transistor                   TIP120GOS-ND    $0.632    http://digikey.com    Enables low-current from synthesizer to switch high currents through speaker

Volume pot                   CAT# LPF-20K      0.15    http://www.allelectronics.com//index.php?page=category&id=470&p=1&template=    Reduces current into transistor base, makes quieter, run longer

Quadruple Speaker Terminal    24V001    $0.85    http://www.alltronics.com/    Lets power in from rectifier, lets sound in from synthesizer










Amplifier Module Enclosed in a VHS case




Amplifier Input Terminals                                                                         Amplifier Output Terminals


















      HBridge Amplifiers



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