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How To Build Part 2

Page history last edited by Noah Vawter 13 years, 2 months ago



Here, the six major electrical components

 are ready to mount into the resonator body.






Everything is in place, now to screw it back together.




Ready to play.  Actually, it was ready to play even while disassembled, just less convenient :)





Assemblage * Aufbau * Construction * Zusammenbasteln






This is the resonator body with its printed jacket.  These tulips were chosen because they represent life in spring. 

This jacket was printed out on a largish color printer and adhered with F77 aerosol adhesive. 


On the body, you can see the keyboard slot in the middle.  It allows the keyboard to be mounted with two large bolts.


For this cylindrical body shape, jacket designs are rectangular, with three cutouts:


1. A slot in the middle allows the keyboard to be mounted with two large bolts.

2. The opening of the Eel's body is curved, so the contour of the jacket matches it.

3. A mount point holds a strap to the body.  


The body was chosen because the cardboard is heavy enough that it will stand up to travel and maybe light rain.  It was also free and recycled.  You could design a much more complex body for it if you like.  This website is hoping to go in that direction :)


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