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Instrument Body

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  Complete Instruments      Instrument Bodies


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          Amplifiers     Loudspeakers   Resonances        Horns                                                      






















Instrument Body Construction Tutorial

This body style can be shown to have a strong impact on the instrument's sound:




Construction of Resonance Test Violin       










More Instrument Body Design Files (.eps, .png, .dxf, .dwg, etc.)



Violin Acoustics


This instrument is based on the principles of violin acoustics.  There is a tremendous deal of information on violin acoustics in the following pages:

Acoustic Test Results


Cad Files


Here is a Zip file containing the cad files required by Exertion Instruments in a plethora of formats.


Special Topics




               Online Design Tool Development
























Huge Cello Body




basic body 31.cdr

basic body 31.dxf

basic body 31.eps


Compact, Low-Profile Design


Soon, it may be possible to make bodies using a  Variable Mill Design.



Horn Design

     Check out ML Util from http://fullrangedriver.com/singledriver/software.html


Speakers     Instrument Bodies



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