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Parts List

Page history last edited by Noah Vawter 10 years, 9 months ago

Electrical Generator

1x NEMA 17 Stepper Motor.  Lower internal impedance is preferred, especially below 5 Ohms.  Do not expect good results with impedances greater than 20 Ohms. 


Generator Electronics

4x Diodes, low-voltage drop, higher current than 1N4148.

4x Capacitors, 1000uF or higher.  Voltage > 25 VDC suggested.  3300uF works well.



1x Number 6 Board or other Atmega32 dev board (7805 regulator, Atmega32, 16MHz crystal, 2x16pF capacitors)

(optional controls) 10 Electrical Momentary Contact switches (preferably that feel good on the fingers)

(optional controls) 8 potentiometers.  Value from 10K to 1M.  50K-100K are recommended.



TIP120 or similar NPN Power transistor

Potentiometer between 5K and 100K.  10K or 20K is recommended.



1 Low-Ohm speaker.  4"-6" inches in diameter or larger if possible.  Volume/Efficiency are greater with heavier or more powerful magnets.



(option) A beloved speaker from a dead stereo, decorated with decoupage or at least a color printout.

(option) 1 Heavy Cardboard Tube, the same diameter as your speaker.  Brackets or other mouting for the speaker.


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