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This horn design was automatically generating using our new horn design program in Python:




     Most loudspeaker design is focused on creating as realistic or flat a response curve as possible in order to reproduce the beauty of the original instruments/recordings.  Exertion Instruments use resonance in a different way.  The goal is creating an electronic instrument with characteristic, beautiful sounds of their own through experimenting and controling the resonance.  There are many different resonance structures and some good books out there describing how the resonances of classic acoustic instruments work.  This page describes how to design resonant bodies for Exertion Instrument which you can actually build in your home or workshop in a DIY fashion.


Example Instrument Body

This link demonstrates an example instrument body which was prototyped in cardboard, then assembled from plywood.



Design Links





These are the main resonance types:





     This is one of the easiest resonance types to make.  It simply requires a largish body.  You can estimate the resonant frequency of the body by calculating its volume.  For example, you could use a 5 gallon water jug as a resonance.







Web Applets to aid resonance calculation:







Conical Horn


Web Applets to aid resonance calculation:





Exponential Horn






Folded Exponential Horn







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