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Updating Keyboard

Page history last edited by Noah Vawter 9 years, 5 months ago

This is how to update the keyboard and the notes it plays:


1.   Go to this Electric Eel Googledocs page:







There's a spreadsheet there called "Two Octaves Keyboard"  Open it, then choose File->Make a copy.. 


2. Change the name to something like "MyCustomKebyoard"


3. Enable "Also copy document collaborators", and hit OK.


4. Now, look at the spreadsheet.  It may seem intimidating at first, but the color codes are there to help you.  And remember, everything is in rows in this spreadsheet. 


5. Notice how one column says "Notename" and it starts at a C-4, then goes down to B-3, Bb-3, A-3, Ab3, etc.  Next to that column, there is a "# Semitones" column which is counting down, too.  It goes 36, 35, 34, 33,  all the way down to zero.  The 36 means 3 octaves (3*12 steps).  Next to each note is its frequency.  e.g.  A4 = 440Hz.  Generally, you won't have to edit this part at all, easy!



The part where all the interesting stuff happens is on the right, where you fill in what key combinations you want.



6. Modify those fields, so that the key combinations represent the frequencies that you want.


You may change:


  1. The cells in columns G though P with the bright green letter and black backgrounds.  These select which keys produce the selected MIDI Note.


If you would like to change the frequency any key produces, you may also change:


  1.  The MIDI Note number column.  This tells the spreadsheet what note you want to play  for what key.  You can even use decimals for micro-tuning!  You will see the frequency and delta update:







7. When you have something you want, mail it to me and I will compile it for you.  If this feature is oft-requested, I can make another tutorial on how to do that part yourself!












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