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Advanced Projects

Page history last edited by Noah Vawter 9 years, 8 months ago


Korg Monotron As An Exertion Instrument


Stylophone As An Exertion Instrument




Connecting the Korg Monotron for use as an Exertion Instrument.


Click Here for Stylophone as an Exertion Instrument


Thanks to Mr. Stinchcombe, we have the Korg Monotron circuit board with all of its lovely reference designators:





And we also have its schematic direct from Korg!  Thank you Korg!




Here it is in smaller, PNG form for easier on-screen reading, but if you are serious about this, get the bigger version and print it out on big paper!


Here is a mod for getting the record audio out before the amplifier.


To use your Monotron with an Electric Eel generator, you want to connect to the 5V power with a 5V rectifier or the 3.3V output of your rectifier to the battery terminals of the Monotron.


One challenge is that the montron gives a low volume output on turn on.  we have to overcome this.


Working around the built-in amplifier TDA6111 helped a little bit, but not much.  It is now at least possible to hear some turn on noise, but it is very low level.  perhaps there is some large capacitor charging in the VCA???








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